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Incremental backups made easy.

What is incremental backup?

Incremental backup is a preservation method that records file-level changes—or only the data pieces or file portions—that differ from the last full backup. For example, if you’ve edited one sentence of a 10-page document, only that file portion is saved to the initial full backup (instead of a new copy of the entire file).

hg0088登入Since you’re only backing up the parts that have changed since the last backup, incremental backup takes up less storage space and is quick to perform regularly or even on a daily basis. However, it can be less convenient if you’re restoring a backup copy of a file with a large amount of data or an entire drive in times of disaster recovery because the whole file is recreated from the parts saved incrementally to the full backup.

What are incremental backups?

Incremental versus differential backup

hg0088登入Differential backup methods preserve data by backing up entire files changed since the last full backup process. So, even if you’ve only edited one sentence of a 10-page document, a new copy of the whole file will be saved to the backup.

Depending on how it’s implemented, incremental and differential backups can be seen as an equivalent backup approach. But one difference does stand out—with differential backups, the entire modified file is preserved in the full backup so data recovery of files or drives can be done faster. On the file level, however, differential backup times can be longer since it uploads all cumulative changes since the last full backup.

The difference between incremental versus differential backups

Streamline work with incremental backup

hg0088登入While there are , every data backup system starts with a full backup—a record of all files in a hard drive or Dropbox account. For the end user, it’s how changes are saved against the full backup that make the difference in speed and storage space.

, which is most akin to an incremental method to backup files. Delta sync provides faster backup through rapid file syncs and takes up less storage space overall, which translates to smoother, simplified workflows for all Dropbox users.

Streamline your work with seamless backups

How Dropbox syncs files

Delta sync

Sync files faster because only modified portions since the most recent backup are saved. When Delta sync is applied, it can give you access to the latest content in less time, even on unstable network connections.

LAN sync

Save bandwidth by syncing content from your Local Area Network (LAN) instead of downloading files from servers first. LAN sync also gives in-network users access to the most up-to-date content even faster.

Auto-resuming sync

Upload and download large files easily, even if your internet connection is interrupted. We’ll automatically resume any interrupted transfers when your connection is back up.

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